The expertise of HAN Automotive Research

Our research activities are always fine-tuned to the specific needs of the customer and we respond flexibly to specific requirements. Guided by our customer's wishes, we have built up specialized knowledge within HAN Automotive Research for the following expertises:

  • Prototyping
  • Modeling
  • Control systems
  • Testing, Structural
  • Monitoring.

We also like to think along with you about new developments, new questions and new challenges.

Innovative learning with professionals and students!

HAN Automotive Research works with skilled professionals and external experts. In addition, HAN Automotive Research offers clients an opportunity to use students in the different phases of innovation process. The student has a different starting point and often looks in a different way, resulting in new insights. By diving intensively into the subject, a problem is tackled broadly and results in "Innovative learning" for the companies and the students!