Een groot aantal partijen gaat de komende jaren samen met de HAN aan de slag om oplossingen te ontwikkelen voor samenwerkende robotvoertuigen in de agrosector. Op 1 oktober vond hiervoor de aftrap plaats van project DurableCASE. DurableCASE staat voor Durable Cooperative Agrobotics Systems Engineering. In DurableCASE slaan in totaal 24 partners de handen ineen, waaronder boeren, machinebouwers, leveranciers van technologie en software gereedschappen en een aantal kennisinstellingen.


On July the 9th HAN organised a mini symposium about mobility possibilities between the car and the bicycle. Herewith you find a summary of the presentations used during the successful interactive workshop.


Monitoring is een van de voornaamste onderzoeks- en expertisegebieden van het Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE). Binnen dat kader heeft HAN Automotive Research een IoT demo opstelling gerealiseerd waarmee gegevens op afstand kunnen worden uitgelezen en overzichtelijk kunnen worden weergegeven.


During the ITS European Congress that was held in the first week of June 2019 at Brainport Eindhoven, a research paper titled "Predicting Traffic Phases from Car Sensor Data" of the the project VIA NOVA won the "Best scientific paper" award.


Since 2018, the HAN has been investigating a new transport concept that combines the advantages of the a car and a bicycle. Join us while we discuss the results of our research and show you a few concepts that were developed.


HAN University of Applied Sciences and TNO are happy to announce the official release of SIMarchitect as a result of their cooperation.


As part of wider efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from road freight transport sector, the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA) organised an event in Brussels on 7th of May. The event made a call to policy makers to adopt a legislative framework that supports an EU-wide application of High-Capacity Vehicles (HCV’s) specifically designed to carry twice as much freight as standard trucks.


In the coming period, a German-Dutch consortium led by HAN Automotive Research will be working on the development of an innovative support system for docking truck / trailer combinations at distribution centers.


HAN recently formed a special team of people from six different departments of the school who will be investigating the demand for a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV).


De provincie Gelderland heeft in het kader van “Smart Industry” een startkapitaal van € 200.000, - toegezegd aan een nieuw testcentrum voor slim en schoon produceren van lichtgewicht componenten voor met name de automotive industrie. Aspecten als continue productie (24/7), massaproductie van composieten, Internet of Things (IoT) en Big Data zullen daarbij aan bod komen.


KIVI Gelderland Region, HAN Automotive and the Clean Mobility Center are organizing a seminar on Emission-less Driving on Wednesday 14 November 2018 from 12.00 - 18.30 at the Kleefse Waard Industrial Park, Westervoortsedijk 73, Arnhem.


TNO and HAN recently signed an agreement with which HAN will publish an open source framework for modeling and simulation.


HAN-AR has its own international magazine about the future of mobility, namely the International Journal of Driving Science. There, information in the area of ​​the cutting edge of automotive technology and human behavior will be shared.


De Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) heeft onlangs goedkeuring verleend aan twee DKTI projecten waaraan HAN Automotive research deelneemt. The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) recently approved two DKTI projects in which HAN Automotive research participates. ----


HAN-AR congratulates ANWB on their 135th anniversary. ANWB organized this celebration at the Hangar in valkenberg airfield on 15-june-2018. HAN-AR was pleased to be a part of this big celebration.


Another paper of ours on determining the level of road slipperiness using vehicle data was accepted by the ITS World Congress. The presentation is scheduled for September 19, 2018, in Copenhagen.


The second IJDS symposium will be organized on Friday 7 June 2019, following the ITS congress scheduled for 3 - 6 June 2019 in the Brainport area of Eindhoven - Helmond. Do not miss the IJDS symposium! We'll keep you informed about the venue and the call for abstracts.


Recently our paper on automated rearward docking was accepted by ITS International. The presentation is scheduled for September 20TH, 2018 in Copenhagen.