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Asimovo Cloud-based ROS platform

DoBots is a robotics partner company mainly active in the Lely case of the DurableCASE project. In the previous months, DoBots was busy creating a robotics development platform, which would make it simpler to develop robots against a simulated environment.

Currently, the installation of Ubuntu, ROS and ROS related packages takes a lot of time for novice ROS developers. With Asimovo you can create a ready-to-start ROS environment with a fully functional robot moving around in a virtual environment in a matter of minutes.

The first user tests will be conducted in November in a close collaboration of DoBots with the HAN Hogeschool. The students will work on the development of extensions to the H2Trac tractor platform as part of the DurableCASE project.

In the future, we are planning to test with multiple universities and add many new features, which are not available in the regular ROS environment at the moment.

We would like to extend the capabilities of Gazebo by integrating wind and water models developed by experts.

In addition to adding sophisticated world plugins, we would like to lower the barrier to create artificial intelligence algorithms on ROS-enabled robots. 

The cloud hosting of the platform makes it possible to collaborate on the development of a robot and work in the same simulated environment. The user could create and share their work easily. The simulation could be easily shared with a potential client, who could zoom in and look at the robot from different angles, if needed with VR glasses. The simulation can be displayed on a phone or tablet as well and presented to others without worrying about the demo effect.

Next to extending the simulation capabilities, we are planning to offer the opportunity of renting robots in a remote lab and testing the developed algorithms on a real robot. We would like to offer a test arena for ground robots, UAV's, and swimming robots as well.

Finally, we would like to offer the option to run hardware-in-the-loop tests in Asimovo. Hardware-in-the-loop tests make it possible to bridge the simulation-to-reality gap. It makes it possible to test in a safe environment on a real robot while providing the simulated objects as an input to the robot and simulating challenging situations.

We are really excited to create and share this platform with the robotics community! We strongly believe that it can provide a big help for students and beginners as well as extend the capabilities of ROS!