Autonomous docking - ITS World Congress 2018

17 mei 2018

Recently our paper on automated rearward docking was accepted by ITS International. The presentation is scheduled for September 20TH, 2018 in Copenhagen.

This paper is about a Multi Agent System (MAS) developed within INTRALOG which focuses on aligning logistical movements in distribution centers, controlling single or double articulated container trailers between public parking area and cross-docks. The paper elaborates on the experiments that were conducted on automated maneuvering in a distribution center with single and double articulated vehicles. The experiments comply with business requirements, e.g. maneuverability, time to dock, positioning accuracy. More information about this project can be found here:

The authors of this paper are: Rakshith Kusumakar, Frans Tillema and Lejo Buning (HAN AUtomotive Research, Peter Schuur (University of Twente) and Franck Riekck (Hogeschool Rotterdam).

Bron: HAN Automotive Research