HAN Congres: Connected Car - The Future of Smart Mobility - 22 November 2017

25 september 2017

Challenges Ahead!

Looking into the near future, the classic vehicle concepts have to be transferred into a whole new mobility area. IoT and Connected Car will be important topics for the next generation of vehicles. Furthermore, connecting vehicles to the exterior will bring another key element in autonomous driving and further support the goal of zero fatalities in traffic.

EBV Netherlands team and HAN University, together with suppliers invite you to participate in this unique event where you will find out all you need to know to be successful in this sector.

So take this chance to experience and discuss key-automotive areas like, cyber security, power-drive, functional safety, sensoring and motor management, with the industry experts.

Who will attend this event? Supplier experts, industry visionaries, system architects and engineers with automotive profile and interest.
Why should you attend? Spot automotive trends, discuss new technologies and expand your network. Last but not least the HAN will have many graduate-engineers attending who can be your future colleague or employee!
What does it cost? It’s free, but limited to 125 attendees.
Get to know the high-tech trends of tomorrow, today - Join us on the ride to the future!

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