TNO & HAN-AR join hands!

12 oktober 2018

TNO and HAN recently signed an agreement with which HAN will publish an open source framework for modeling and simulation.  

This framework is given the name SIMarchitect. SIMarchitect is based on TNO software called ADVANCE and forms a shell on MATLAB / Simulink. SIMarchitect makes the simulation work of system developers and students much easier because of the used data bus. This forces a standard interface through which engineers could work uniformly. System models and algorithms thus become reusable and can easily be placed in a library.

During the publication of SIMarchitect, HAN Automotive Research immediately provides an open-source model library of hybrid vehicles containing models of all hybrid powertrain components. TNO is pleased with the open source publication and is going to promote SIMarchitect as a 'lubricant' in European projects. For HAN, it provides a solution for students, researchers and engineers to work more efficiently with our business partners. HAN Automotive Research has been using the technology in various research projects. Integration in HAN Automotive's education is also ongoing. Recently the ceremonial transfer took place at TNO in Helmond, as part of the RAAK-SME project COMBINE.