VIA NOVA - ITS World Congress 2018

7 juni 2018

Another paper of ours on determining the level of road slipperiness using vehicle data was accepted by the ITS World Congress. The presentation is scheduled for September 19, 2018, in Copenhagen.  

Extreme winter weather conditions severely affect the transportation sector. Technologies such as Road Weather Information Systems provide live data regarding the road surface conditions to assist the road authorities in providing safe mobility. The main problem is, however, the limited number of such systems that have been deployed leading to fragmented information regarding the road conditions. We investigated whether modern vehicles could be used as mobile sensors to monitor the road conditions for its use in cooperative platforms. We focused on identifying slippery winter road conditions using the most commonly available vehicle sensors and provided a practical proof of this concept. The developed system employs a Fuzzy Inference System that is not only capable of identifying slippery conditions but is also capable of classifying surfaces based on the extent of slipperiness. 

The authors of this paper are Frans Tillema, Moksheeth Padarthy, Chris Huijboom, Emilano Heyns, Rick Schotman (Keypoint Consultancy).

Bron: HAN Automotive Research