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AEROFLEX stands for “Aerodynamic and Flexible Trucks for Next Generation of Long Distance Road Transport”. The future demands more effective and efficient road freight transport. HAN-AR together with other partners of AEROFLEX aims to achieve this by investigating on the optimization of the aerodynamics and powertrains that results in lower emissions and efficient long-distance transport, inter-urban transport and urban areas.


The main focus of the Green Vehicles H2020 call "Aerodynamic and flexible trucks" is on “climate action and sustainable development by an overall efficiency gains of at least 18-33%”. To achieve this, smart performance-based standards for future trucks, load carriers and road infrastructures is of great importance. The AEROFLEX project will develop the knowledge, concepts and technology to improve the efficiency of long-range freight vehicles by 18-33% while drawing up recommendations for implementing the results within European regulations and in the transport & logistics industry.

The goal of the AEROFLEX project is to develop and demonstrate new technologies, concepts and architectures for vehicles that are energy efficient, safe, comfortable, configurable and cost-effective. All these need to be executed taking into consideration the needs of customers while being flexible and adaptable to the continuously changing operational conditions. These truck concepts should also meet the future logistics of different segments and markets.

Final Outcomes

The project facilitates the trailer manufacturers with an opportunity to discuss communication interfaces and define standards. The overview of the current EU legislation shows the need to change regulations and standards to implement and certify new technologies to launch them into the market.


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