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HAN Automotive Research (HAN-AR) is part of the Automotive Institute (currently celebrating it’s 75th anniversary) at HAN University of Applied Science. HAN University offers several Bachelor's and Master's courses, one of which is Automotive Engineering. The course of the training provides extensive knowledge in the fields of design, production, testing, management and maintenance of road vehicles.

Bachelor of Automotive Engineering

The Bachelor's degree in Automotive Engineering is aimed at road vehicles such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. The study programme focuses on the design and production of vehicles. Attention will be paid to sustainable powertrains and integral vehicle safety. Follow the link for more information on this programme.


Master of Automotive Systems

Developments in automotive technology changes our vision of mobility. New technologies and the growing influence of electronic vehicle controls makes us less dependent on fossil fuels. In the recent past, we already observed trends towards the use of hybrid or fully electric vehicles as a step towards green mobility. We have also seen rapid developments with respect to vehicles in which drivers will be supported by professional intelligent systems. This could ensure improved vehicle behavior and could be extended to monitor traffic situations and communication with other vehicles or the infrastructure to ensure safer mobility. Do you want to contribute to these developments? Click on the link for more information about this course.


Master of Control Systems Engineering

Control systems are part of daily life and are used extensively in the field of mechatronics and production process. Control systems are frequently used, for example in robotic applications, in automation, tracking devices and in high-tech temperature, pressure and volume controllers that are necessary for chemical processes in industries. Advanced control systems are also being applied to sustainable energy-producing devices and sustainable automotive applications. Follow our master course to contribute to developments in the field of operating systems.


Customized Courses

Our profession-oriented courses are primarily intended for working professionals who look for in-depth knowladge their field. The level of these courses are HBO and Post-HBO. In-company training can also be provided for all courses. Follow the link for more information on the courses.

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