Coriolis fuel consumption measurement system

The Coriolis fuel consumption measuring system can measure the fuel consumption on the engine test rig or on the chassis dynamometer. Fuel consumption measurements for HD trucks even while driving on the road.

Testing Category:

  • Combustion Engines

Engine power: Petrol engines up to approx. 300kW up - Diesel engines up to approx.200 kW (max. 108 kg/h)
Measuring tolerance: Liquide 0.1% of reading, Gas 0.35% of reading
Reproducibility: 0.05% of reading
Media: Gasoline and Diesel fuel
Media for Multifuel 1770: Biodiesel (Rape Oil Methyl Ester), jet fuel, ethanol, methanol up to 100%
Fuel temperature: -20°C – 60°C
Fuel supply pressure: 0 – 30 bar
Fuel inlet and return pressure: 0,05 bar – 0,8 bar
Density measuring unit: Measuring range up to 5000 kg/m3; measuring error 0.5 kg/m3; reproducibility 0.2 kg/m3