Diagnostic gas analyser

The (SUN DGA 1500) gas analyser can be mounted in a vehicle to measure exhaust gas emissions. Two diagnostic gas analysers are available to measure the performance of the catalyst of the vehicle while driving on the public road. The emission results can be calculated in g/s or g/km.

Testing Category:

  • Combustion Engines

Mobile / portable: Device can be mounted inside a vehicle for measurements on the road.
Operating temperature: -10 to 55˚C
Ambient rel. humidity: Corr. Max. humidity of 95% at 25˚C
Dim. Case (l x h x p): 451 x 181 x 310mm
Weight: 8,9 kg
Warm-up time at 20˚C ambient: <9 minutes
Power Demand/Operating Volt: 115-230 V / 1,5A ; 47-63 Hz
Response time: between 5 and 6 seconds for CO, CO2 and HC, 28 seconds for oxygen
(transition from 20.9% to 0.1% for a gas with 0% O2)
Nominal pump delivery: 6 l/min ; minimum delivery : 3,5 l/min
Air pressure variation: automatic correction by integrated absolute pressure sensor
Zero point and sensitivity: automatic compensation