Electric driveline test bench cell 130 kW

The electric driveline test bench is capable of electric powertrain component testing and system testing. Examples are batteries (BMS), fuel cells, motor generators and invertors.

Testing Category:

  • Powertrains
  • Electronic

Brake specifications (Schenck W130):

Max. power: 130 kW
Max. torque: 400 Nm
Max. speed: 10.000 min-1
Brake: Eddy current brake
Control: LabView (National Instruments)
Dynamic/static-load testing: Static-load testing

Conditioning room:
Between 5°C and 45°C (Depending on outside temperature)

DC/DC converter: Costumer specific (current system is made for an 8kW setup)
Battery pack: Costumer specific (current: 8 x 6V/180Ah NiCd)
Fuel cell: Available (current: 8kW)
Electric motor: 8kW – 2300 rpm – 80Nm
Resistor: Electric load 12kW max 400V, max 1000 amp
Year: Installed: 1986
Revised: 1996


  • Maximum power supply is 21 kW (380 V x 32 amp)
  • Test bench cell is optimized for fuel cell systems from 1 to 25 kW
  • The lab is equipped with H2 sensors and a ventilation system according to the latest safety standards

Measuring options:

  • Yield at different working points
  • I – V curve
  • Internal losses
  • Cell voltage monitoring
  • System stability
  • Temperature behavior, heating/cooling curve
  • Air flows
  • Pressure at several points
  • Data acquisition system 
  • Possibility to perform predefined load cycle
  • Dynamic system behavior
  • Suitable for testing complete drivetrains from fuel cell through power converters and energy storage to electromotor.