Engine test bench cell 230 kW (2)

The engine test bench is capable of functional testing of alternative fuel testing, fuel consumption measurements, emission testing, engine mapping and endurance testing.

Testing Category:

  • Combustion Engines
  • Powertrains

Brake specifications (Schenck W230):

Max. Power: 230 kW
Max. Torque: 750 Nm
Max. speed: 7.500 min-1
Brake: Eddy current brake
Control: LabView (National Instruments)
Dynamic/static-load testing: Static-load testing

Room conditions:
Conditioning room: Between 5°C and 45°C (Depending on outside temperature)
Conditioning fuel: Available
Conditioning air intake: Ambient air
Conditioning cooling fluid: From 30˚C until operating temperature
Conditioning engine oil: Available
Fuel supply: Diesel/gasoline/natural gas/LPG
Year installed: 1968
Revised: 1996


  • Emission test system available
  • VW engine available for this engine test bench cell
  • VW 1,4l TSI – 125kW (super- & turbocharged)
  • Prepared to test liquified fuels e.g. LPG, CNG, ethanol etc.