Automotive Research
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European Commission has set ambitious emission reduction targets for the transport sector to lower global warming, climate change and improve (urban) air quality. Road transport accounts for about 75% of goods transport on land today and is projected to increase in the forthcoming decades. FALCON Project aims to align the EC goals and the means of National Road Authorities, represented by CEDR, to cope with the growing demand and increase the efficiency of freight transport including the optimizing of multi-modal transport logistic chains.

Final Outcomes

Results of FALCON international research program delivers a concept of performance-based Infrastructure Access Policy that will be tailor made for European conditions, considering above all the design criteria of the European infrastructure network (including various types of pavements, bridges and tunnels) and commercial vehicle combination that are (or in near future will be) operating on the road network. The vehicles must be primarily able to accommodate standardized loading units. Next, the emphasis will be given on national topology of selected countries as well as climatic conditions, creating such unique study that was not created yet on an European level, and having substantial value for Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR), who finances the research program. The impact of developed policy on multi-modal transport, infrastructure ageing and congestion concludes the study.

Current Status

Interim results published at TRA 2018 and can be found in proceedings.