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Within the project HYDROVA, HAN-AR focuses on validation of hydrogen systems for application within the sustainable energy supply.


Considering the current climate change and its fluctuations, there is no doubt that global warming is not happening. At the same time, it is very difficult to stop using fossil fuels either for transportation (such as cars, buses, trucks, heavy-duty applications, etc.) or for large-scale energy production. However, using the renewable sources (solar, wind, etc.) and fuels (such as hydrogen) which in a manner don’t produce emissions, are a good step towards balancing this unbalanced equation. HYDROVA project aims to expand the knowledge in terms of testing hydrogen systems and carry out feasibility studies and analysis of existing systems and their design for both mobile and stationary applications.  

Final Outcomes

One of the main outcomes of this project is to strengthen the knowledge of the partner SMEs and provide support in their own product development through information provision, design analyses, determination of TCO, etc. One of the work-packages is dedicated to SMEs and their specific use-cases, which would be carried out by students and researchers from both HAN and SMEs. 

Current Status

The current stage of the project are as follows:

A database of hydrogen components suppliers have been built together with the relevant laws, regulations and standards.

A model library (version 1.0) is currently been formed after the selection of modelling software, which will be distributed to partner SMEs to fasten their development process.

The validation of the model library is yet to be carried out.

An inventory of SMEs use cases have been created which needs to be realized in the next stage of the project.