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Research on autonomous cars is attracting a lot of attention and the developments are rapid. Developers promise relaxed transport, even for disabled and elderly people. However, without a certification, no autonomous car can be deployed on the road. Industry and authorities see the need for certification to be able to permit the autonomous technology to enter into the market. The knowledge about certification is still inadequate and the car industry is also now seeking for knowledge development in this area since it has not been their primary task until now. Their focus was more on the introduction of the (uncertified) technology. HAN-AR investigates and aims to broaden the knowledge with respect to the certification of autonomous cars.


The main investigation focus of PRAUTOCOL is on the question:

"What are the opportunities and obstacles around the test protocols and certification of self-driving cars? How can the knowledge and facilities be linked to social and innovative wishes in the near future?"

In concrete terms, PRAUTOCOL gives a first good and thorough start for the certification and construction of test facilities for two use cases:

1. Use-case on level 3 automation: certification for autonomous driving on provincial roads and large urban 'instillers/approach roads'

2. Use-case on level 4 automation: certification for automated valet parking, the knowledge and (test) tools/facilities will be developed that can be used by SME’s in services towards the car industry.

Final Outcomes

1. Knowledge about certification of both the driver and the vehicle.

2. Knowledge about certification with respect to the two use cases/applications.

3. Development of test protocols for the two use cases.

  • Certification report (technical requirements and step-by-step plan).

4. Reporting Test protocols (technical report on test protocols).

5. Generic Test and development environment.

6. Test and development environment for autonomous vehicle technology.

  • HIL, MIL, SIL.
  • Real Life test and development environment.

7. Test and development environment for the driver.

  • Driving simulator.
  • Technology to observe the driver.

8. Study facilities and resources in the form of components and application.

Current Status

1. PRAUTOCOL MiL environment is underway

  • Two use cases are being modelled: Highway pilot overtaking assistant, and truck autodocking
  • A universal modelling and simulation environment, called SIMarchitect, is being connected to Prescan
  • HANtune now contains an image manipulator for augmenting HMI content to Prescan scenario animations
  • HANtune augmentation of Prescan animations to be further integrated

2. PRAUTOCOL HiL environment underlying functionality is operational. A first truck autodocking HiL demo is expected in August

3. Completed simulation environment for use case 2.