Road Surface simulation cell

4 poster test site (manufacturer: MTS), capable of reproducing life recorded (road) signals of vehicle body parts. Road generated and recorded signals, are reproduced on the test rig through iterative control procedures.

Testing Category:

  • Suspension/Body Chassis
  • Complete vehicle

Max. load per cylinder: 25 kN (4x)
Max. stroke per cylinder: 250 mm (4x)

Track width: 0,75 m – 3,0 m
Wheelbase: 0,75 m – 4,5 m
Vehicle height: max. 2,5 m
Excitation frequency: 0 – 100 Hz
Vehicle weight max: 3500 kg (max load of crane: 2000 kg. Vehicle can be reassembled on test
bench if total vehicle weight exceeds 2000kg)
Control: MTS Flextest IIs
Year: Installed: 1994
Revised: 1996