Schenck Roller Dynamometer 200 kW & Flywheel Mass

Roller dynamometer for ride simulation, capable of functional engine power testing, fuel
consumption measurements and emission testing of complete vehicles. Road-load
simulation is limited to 100 km/h. The results of the tests are graphically presented by DiaDem.

Testing Category:

  • Complete vehicle
  • Combustion Engines
  • Powertrains

Type: Schenck W364/260/V100
Max. Power: 230 kW
Max. Speed: 200 km/h static load, 100 km/h dynamic load
Data acquisition system: Labview (update 2011, yearly updated)
Conditioning: Between 5°C and 35°C (Depending on outside temperature)
Cool fan: Available
Control: LabView (National Instruments)
Robotic control: No
Dynamic/static/road-load testing: Static/road-load simulation
Vehicle mass simulation: Yes
Gasoline supply: No
Maximum track width: 2000 mm
Maximum vehicle length: 5000 mm (distance from driven axle to front/back of vehicle)
Maximum axle load: 2000 kg
Year: Installed: 1970
Revised: 1996


  • Road load simulation by flywheel (limited at 100 km/h).
  • In combination with emission test system