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Control Systems

HAN Automotive Research supports companies in the development of electronic control systems and in the creation of "software tools" with which these "control systems" can be developed. Control systems ensure that a machine performs certain tasks or adjusts processes.

Model Based Control System design

In order to set up a "Control System", accurate analysis of the desired process is first made and it is then converted into a model. When this model has been developed in such a way that it corresponds to the intended process, it is converted with the code generation program, with which the controller is programmed. HAN-AR has developed its own coding software "HANcoder" for this purpose. This software supports a number of standard ECU’s.

Often it is necessary or desirable to monitor a process or to fine-tune a programmed ECU to the desired process. For this HAN-AR has developed its own software "HANtune". With this, the input and output signals are displayed on a screen with the help of a dashboard that you want to build. Parameters of the process can also be changed with HANtune so that the behaviour of the process can be adjusted or calibrated. HANtune also has feedback to HANcoder, so any changes to the programming of the subsequent ECU’s can be included immediately. Many companies, especially in SMEs, have a huge expertise in their own field. When developing new products or automating the production process, the design of the Control Systems often requires extra expertise, for which they can rely on HAN-AR.

HAN-AR offers with HANcoder and HANtune an affordable development platform for the development of the Control System. The support is not only useful in the development of prototypes but can also be used in robust solutions for series production.

Here you can find more information about HANcoder with the RC30 TargetProdrive GCU TargetSTM32 Target and the working of HANtune




Research on autonomous cars is attracting a lot of attention and the developments are rapid. Developers promise relaxed transport, even for disabled and elderly people. However, without a certification, no autonomous car can be deployed on the road. Industry and authorities see the need for certification to be able to permit the autonomous technology to enter into the market. The knowledge about certification is still inadequate and the car industry is also now seeking for knowledge development in this area since it has not been their primary task until now. Their focus was more on the introduction of the (uncertified) technology. HAN-AR investigates and aims to broaden the knowledge with respect to the certification of autonomous cars.  Lees meer...


Interreg Automated Transport (I-AT)

I-AT focuses on the development of technological innovations for the mobility and logistics sector, to equip it better for the market of the future autonomous/independent driving. The focus is exemplary in the main logistics segments: freight and passenger transport. The project also focuses on self-propelled trucks (platooning) for the border region between Gelderland and NRW. This targets the business case of flowers & plants transportation.  Lees meer...



Automation has brought us the benefits of higher production rates and increased productivity, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, shorter work weeks for labor and reduced factory lead times. Within the program, the business requirements of automated mobility meets the technical solutions in autonomous controls. INTRALOG project aims to investigate the added PPP-value (People, Planet, Profit) which automated guided trucks(AGT’s) can add to smart logistics operation at distribution centers and inter-terminal/inter-modal traffic hubs.  Lees meer...


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Fast & Curious

Dankzij Fast & Curious ontwikkelen MKB-bedrijven besturingen, zonder dat zij een programmeur in dienst hoeven nemen of dure tools hoeven aan te schaffen.  Lees meer...


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Fiat HyDoblo

HAN Automotive Research heeft een Fiat Doblo succes uitgerust met een waterstof brandstofcel. Deze waterstof Fiat Doblo is tevens actief ingezet door de Gemeente Arnhem!  Lees meer...