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Structural Design

HAN Automotive Research is an excellent partner for small and medium-sized enterprises that need help with designing structures. HAN-AR assists, if desired, with the entire design process, from idea to production drawing. HAN-AR has not only a very extensive expertise but also advanced software programs for design (CAD), strength calculation (FEM) or flow characteristics (CFD).

In the automotive industry, lightweight construction is an important method to improve performance and reduce emissions. It is crucial to design the structure and the shape of the components in such a way that the design achieves the functionality with as little material as possible. It is, of course, important to properly map the play of forces and to determine whether the permissible material stress is not exceeded. HAN-AR uses finite-element software for this purpose and has computers with a large computing capacity to be able to calculate complex components.

In addition to its strength, HAN-AR also focuses on other design aspects, which influences the functioning of a product, such as the moment of inertia or NVH levels. The choice of materials is also discussed. HAN-AR has a in-depth knowledge in the field of steel, aluminium, plastics and plastic composites. In addition, HAN-AR also offers expertise on joining techniques such as welding, glueing, crimping and riveting. Another, very important factor is the knowledge of production techniques. Designs must not only be functional, they must also be able to be produced with available and profitable production processes. Collaboration with HAN-AR not only gives your company access to the knowledge and facilities but also makes your company part of our extensive knowledge network.

HAN-AR offers support to companies in designing structures, calculate them and convert them into production instructions. A special discipline that HAN-AR has recently offered to SMEs is reversed engineering. Here, existing components are analyzed (load, material, surface accuracy) and measured (3D measuring arm and 3D scanner), so that these parts can be used in the development process of the new ones.

We work with the software of, among others, Abaqus, Solidworks and Simulia.



Lightweight Automotive Suspension (LAS)

With the recent developments in manufacturing techniques and increased knowledge of application of Thermo Plastic Composite (TPC) materials with a competitive cost, it could in principle be possible to manufacture specific components in large scale for automotive applications. This has been one of the interests of the automotive industry for some time now. Companies, however, indicate that they need help in developing highly stressed and safety-critical components in TPC material in such a way that they can be produced in series. Lightweight Automotive Suspension (LAS) project investigates the capabilities and constraints of the application of components made from TPC for the wheel suspension of automobiles.  Lees meer...



A trend in production technologies within the industries across Europe, desire of the automotive industry to engineer thinner, stronger and lighter constructions and the development in the field of composite materials show strong requirements for “Smart manufacturing”. The Smart Cell project investigates on an automated production cell for the realization of structural composite components which must be produced in large scale or mass produced.  Lees meer...


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Het project LIFE (LIfetime Fatigue Enhancement) werd volgens SIA binnen RAAK-MKB landelijk als beste project beoordeeld. LIFE geeft invulling aan de ambitie van HAN-Automotive om landelijk én internationaal als 1 van de belangrijke kennispartners te worden erkend op het gebied van Lightweight Design.  Lees meer...