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When you design a product or a system, it often becomes clear whether assumptions, theories, dimensions and ideas are valid in practice and if the product functions as it is intended. Before a product or system is released for final production, a prototype is usually built. These tests aim to further improve the original design, validate components or demonstrate the functioning of a principle. 

At HAN Automotive Research we undertake the following aspects of prototyping:

  • Building vehicle technical (sub) systems.
  • Building complete vehicles.
  • Building test setups for functional and durability testing.

Developments are often based on the "V-Cycle", which works in a structured pattern from one development step to another. In the cycle from "customer wish" to "end product", terms such as a program of requirements; functional requirements, modeling, system development, testing and validation are always recognizable.

Automotive prototypes are often complex compositions in which different disciplines such as combustion engine technology, electrical engineering, model and control technology, material knowledge, production technology, structural design and business aspects are covered in their constructions. Clients often have a lot of knowledge in the field of their own product, but support is often required in the other fields that are of equal importance to realize a prototype.

The strength of HAN Automotive Research is that it has knowledge of all the development steps that are necessary to achieve a complete prototype. Additionally, HAN-AR can also fuse the knowledge and experience of a broadly specialized network of partner companies. Moreover, HAN-AR has a wide range of software, development and production tools that can be used for the benefit of the client. HAN Automotive Research has experience in managing complex processes involving multiple parties. Projects are carried out with research professionals, teachers and students.

Contact us if your organization is looking to construct a demonstrator, workhorse, test installation or prototype.



Lightweight Automotive Suspension (LAS)

With the recent developments in manufacturing techniques and increased knowledge of application of Thermo Plastic Composite (TPC) materials with a competitive cost, it could in principle be possible to manufacture specific components in large scale for automotive applications. This has been one of the interests of the automotive industry for some time now. Companies, however, indicate that they need help in developing highly stressed and safety-critical components in TPC material in such a way that they can be produced in series. Lightweight Automotive Suspension (LAS) project investigates the capabilities and constraints of the application of components made from TPC for the wheel suspension of automobiles.  Lees meer...


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Pluto is een project dat werd uitgevoerd door HAN Automotive Research vanuit het Automotive Center of Expertise (ACE) in samenwerking met diverse partners uit de industrie. Het project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door subsidiëring vanuit de Raak-MKB regeling van SIA.   Lees meer...


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Euro Colt

Het Euro Colt project is mogelijk gemaakt vanuit ACE met medewerking van de gemeente Helmond en een groot aantal technische ontwikkelpartners.   Lees meer...


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Electrificatie Burton

In samenwerking met de leukste en grootste sportwagenfabrikant van Nederland, Burton Car Company uit Zutphen, heeft HAN Automotive de duurzaamste auto ooit ontwikkeld. Tijdens het 10-jarig bestaan van de Burton Car Company werd de Burton EV1 voor het eerst aan het publiek getoond.  Lees meer...


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Fiat HyDoblo

HAN Automotive Research heeft een Fiat Doblo succes uitgerust met een waterstof brandstofcel. Deze waterstof Fiat Doblo is tevens actief ingezet door de Gemeente Arnhem!  Lees meer...