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The HAN BioCentre conducts applied research within the whole chain of biodiscovery: from discovery through analysis, to production and application of (new) biomolecules. Research may lead to new commercially applicable substances and to alternative, sustainable production methods for existing substances.

We offer all the facilities needed for research within the biodiscovery chain. And we are able to assist businesses with their research questions at any point within the chain.

Serving the entire biodiscovery chain

We offer expertise and facilities in the whole chain of biodiscovery. The strong interweaving of research, education and professional practice guarantees to educate students with the required multidisciplinary knowledge and skills. There is also an abundance of expertise and facilities available for fermentation technology (FT) and downstream processing (DSP).


The HAN BioCentre screens microorganisms, natural substances and plant extracts for bioactivity for specific applications. Examples are screening for new antimicrobial agents to combat the problem of antibiotic resistance and searching for molecules/substances that play a role in preventing obesity.

Purification and analysis

When a desired activity is found, the specific active ingredient is identified, purified and analysed. At the BioCentre, the best (bio-)chemical techniques are available for purification and analysis of biomolecules. Analysis of the potential effects on humans and animals (drug testing) can be carried out using the C. elegans model system.


The BioCentre focuses on the most efficient production of proteins, metabolites and more. Genetic modification of the production organism is sometimes necessary to optimise the process.


Ultimately, a library of bio-active substances and range of screening methods will be created. Antimicrobial agents, for example, can find their application within agriculture and horticulture and/or within the pharmaceutical industry.

Current projects

Would you like to learn more about ongoing projects? Take a look at:

  • Antimicrobial components
    Which substances have antifungal effects?
  • C. elegans screening system
    A worm to replace lab animals?
  • Heterologous protein production
    Production of proteins or enzymes using microorganisms.
  • Microbial production of oil
    Custom oil from biomass.
  • Key Enabling Technologies (KET)
    Bio-informatics and analytical chemistry

Are you a student? Find internships or graduation projects

Please check graduation or internship opportunities at the HAN BioCentre or follow the minor BioRefinery. 
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