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In need for a specific protein for your research? The HAN BioCentre can probably help you! Our Centre of Expertise has the knowledge and facilities to produce specific proteins. Our production chain from bio-informatics until downstream processing is unique! For more information, please contact Ruud Heshof.

Our team has experience with the following production microorganisms:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Pichia pastoris
  • Aspergillus sp.
  • Trichoderma sp.

Produce polymers with lipoxygenase

The enzyme lipoxygenase, for example, may be produced heterologously. This enzyme may be used, in turn, to produce polymers from yeast microbial oil. The polymers can be used in the production of plastics, paint and coatings. Lipoxygenase also has potential applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The Centre of Expertise is researching an enzymatic method to break open yeast cells. This cocktail of enzymes is also tested for possible applications in producing protoplasts.

6 phases of protein production

  • Identify the suitable protein sequence using bioinformatics
  • Integrate the sequence into vectors
  • Use of different organisms to express the gene
  • Identify a production-candidate with shake cultures
  • Optimalisation of the production process with fermentors
  • Purify of the protein