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Within the BioCentre there is good knowledge and facilities in the field of bioinformatics and analytical chemistry in-house. These two fields together are what we refer to as key enabling technologies (KET): bioinformatics and analytical chemistry support all current projects.


Utilising data optimally? The HAN BioCentre has expertise and technology to optimally analyse and interpret bioinformatics data which is generated by experiments. With large data sets, the choice of an appropriate data strategy is crucial for correct analysis and interpretation. The BioCentre applies this expertise and technology in different research projects, in particular comparative genome and ~omics data analyses. At the same time, researchers develop support tools to optimise comparative analyses and literature mining.

Genome visualization tool

Currently we are expanding the 'Microbial Genome context viewer' [Overmars et al. BMC Genomics. 2013, 14:209; mgcv.cmbi.ru.nl]. With this tool it will be possible to view and analyse private genome data of microorganisms (both prokaryote and eukaryote) integrated in the context of public genome databanks such as the NCBI.


Analytical chemistry

When new bioactive extracts are discovered, the components responsible for this activity need to be identified. This is one way that analytical chemistry plays a role within the Centre of Expertise. Whether they are proteins or small metabolites, suitable identification strategies are developed.
In addition, our chemists develop biorefinery protocols to be able to find uses for the different parts of the plant or microorganisms. This allows us to develop strategies to separate different biomolecules and to be able to determine the composition of biomolecules.

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Do you need research in the field of ~omics data analysis? Researchers at the HAN BioCentre help you towards a data strategy that leads to answer your research question, providing 'hands-on training', or developing tools to analyse your data.

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