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We live in a dynamic society where each change follows another in fast pace and (bio)technological developments move very quickly. To keep up with developments, you must continue your professional development. HAN BioCentre supports education by a selection of workshops in which practice and theory are brought together. You will be optimally trained and your organization gains an employee who can directly apply the new knowledge into practice.

Course or workshop? Made to measure!

The HAN BioCentre can also provide small-scale workshops or courses in the field of fermentation technology, analytical chemistry or bioinformatics for example. The currently scheduled workshops are listed below. Is the course or workshop that you would like to attend not listed? Our staff and researchers can develop a customized course for your organization. For more information, contact Marije Roelofs-Lam, E marije.roelofs@han.nl.

Workshop Fermentation Technology

The Biobased Economy is growing in popularity and with it the demand for knowledge of and facilities for fermentation technology. Do you work in biotechnology and would you want to learn more about and can around fermentation technology? Follow the practical workshop Fermentation Technology at the HAN BioCentre. In a 24 hour practical course spread over 5 days, you will learn more about the Biobased Economy, fermentation technology, process development, gain hands-on experience and troubleshooting skills.

Ruud Heshof, E ruud.heshof@han.nl

Introduction Massaspectrometrie

Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) is now indispensable in analytical chemistry. Would you like to know more about (the theoretical background) of MS-LC, or the identification of metabolites (small molecules), proteins or peptides? Choose these small-group workshops:

-Basic module LC-MS: theoretical backgrounds
-Advanced module A: identification of metabolites (small molecules)
-Advanced module B: identification of proteins

Karin Struijs, E karin.struijs@han.nl

Applied Microbial Genomics Workshop (in English)

How do you deal with large amounts of data? And how can you extract the right information from this data? “From question to data’; this is the theme of this 5 day course. HAN BioCentre organises this workshop in cooperation with the Radboud University and NIZO Food Research.

Christof Francke, E christof.francke@han.nl

Related HAN courses

For continuing professional development, there are also regular HAN bachelor's and master's programmes in full-time or part-time to which the HAN BioCentre lends its expertise: ..

Part-time studies

  • Master in Molecular Life Sciences
    Co-developed by the HAN BioCentre. This master programme (part-time) connects to the complete process of biodiscovery. You develop skills for doing research in product development in different areas of biotechnology. Graduates can work independently on projects at a company or research institutes, or start their own company. The knowledge and the interdisciplinary approach that students there to learn, is continuously checked against the needs of work field.
  • Overview of all HAN part-time studies, including courses, training and seminars in the field of Life Sciences & Chemistry

Are you a student? Find internships or graduation projects

Please check the graduation or research opportunities at HAN BioCentre and get to know the whole chain of biodiscovery.

More info can be found on the page Students > >

HAN Part-time studies

Do you have questions about HAN Part-time studies in the field of Life Sciences and chemistry? Please contact:

Corina van den Bergh
Life Sciences Course Coordinator
T (024) 353 19 78
T (026) 365 83 97
E corina.vandenbergh@han.nl

If you have questions about a full-time training, please contact your HAN information centre.