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Over the years, the HAN BioCentre grown to become a significant public/private partnership between innovative businesses and higher education. Together with, and on behalf of the companies, the HAN BioCentre carries out applied research with the central theme of: Biodiscovery. The BioCentre thereby stimulates the valorisation of knowledge and contributes producing higher quality graduates who are ready to be employed by biotechnology companies, for example, in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and horticultural industries.

In today's society are many companies looking for cleaner production methods to replace chemical production methods. Thus, they contribute to the Biobased Economy: an economy based on the most efficient use of crops and biomass instead of fossil fuels, for nutrition, materials, chemicals, energy and fuel.

HAN BioCentre carries out innovative and/or applied research that leads to new commercial applicable substances and to alternative, sustainable production methods for existing substances, replacing production methods based on fossil fuels.

Biodiscovery spearhead

Biodiscovery is the spearhead program with which the research of the HAN BioCentre contributes to the development of the Biobased economy. From the values of quality, collaboration, innovation, application, customer orientation and sustainability, the HAN BioCentre works to fulfil its mission: offering expertise and facilities in the whole chain of the discovery, purification, analysis and production of biomolecules.
The strong interweaving of research, education and professional practice guarantees to educate students with the required multidisciplinary knowledge and skills.

Currently, four research projects are running: the production of microbial oil, C. elegans screening system, antimicrobial components and heterologous protein production. Want to find out more about the Biodiscovery chain and projects?
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Biodiscovery Research Centre

The HAN Research Centre of Biodiscovery is part of the HAN BioCentre. The research group focuses primarily on the production of valuable substances using fermentation and the purification of the substances with the help of downstream processing techniques. Also, the collaborative relationship between research, education and professional practise within the research group is important.


In the past years, valuable connections have arisen with the business world. For example, we are an integral part of valuable networks, and have strong relationships with partners in research and contractors. Want to know more?  Go to the Partners page >>

A strong and diverse team!

A strong team works daily on research and the integration of research in education. Using applied science research projects they develop valuable knowledge that is transferred to the education. Want to know more about the team members and their expertise?
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