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6-8 oktober 2017: King Cobra Symposium

October 6, 14.20-14.50 uur, Sefanne Hakken - Fungal Disease, a bigger problem in global wildlife

More information:  http://www.kingcobrasymposium.com/

Fungi are omnipresent throughout almost all ecosystems. They have a crucial role in converting dead biomass into useful nutrients for other organisms. At the same time, however, certain species of pathogenic fungi threaten crops, cattle, wildlife, and human health. Therefore, combatting these pathogenic fungi is socially and economically important. The acquired resistance of fungi against commonly used fungicides is of increasing concern, and is caused by the widespread use of antifungals in the environment. Additionally, due to human toxicity and environmental concerns, the use of common fungicides is becoming increasingly restricted. It is therefore critical to develop durable and environmentally friendly fungicides. These next generation fungicides have the potential to maintain biodiversity, assist with the efficient production of food crops, and combat fungal infections in humans and animals.