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HAN BioCentre @ InScience Film Festival

23 november 2017

On Thursday 9th November, a group of people from the HAN BioCentre left the lab and went to the Marienburgkapel to demonstrate our research to the general public.

Samantha Hughes, together with students David and Nikki, had prepared a Do-It-Yourself lab showing how we can use mutant Caenorhabditis elegans for genetic analysis. As a small experiment, people were asked if they could distinguish what smell the worms preferred (vanilla or salt) and to identify the mutant worms which had lost the ability to smell. Dennis Lamers presented his research on genetically modifying yeast to produce oil. Together with Ruud Holtermans, they demonstrated how a yeast strain made in the HAN BioCentre could convert paper waste into oil. Using microscopic analysis, people were able to determine if the yeast were actually accumulating oil. Dennis also took part in a coffee in science discussion, to talk in more detail about his research. On Thursday evening, everyone attended the film “Food Evolution” which ended with an excellent presentation and discussion from Frans Wilms about CRISPR-Cas technology and its use in genetically modifying food.

Showcasing the work we do in the HAN BioCentre was fun and many people displayed interest in what we are doing. Hopefully we will be invited back next year to show more people the benefits of using C. elegans and yeast in applied research.

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