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New @ the BioCentre lab: the flatworm

8 december 2017

This flatworm is also know as Schmidtea mediterranea.

New in the BioCentre lab is the flatworm Schmidtea mediterranea. The natural habitat of this flatworm is fresh water and it can grow to a length of 1 - 2 cm. It has remarkable regenerative properties which are used to study aquatic toxicology. By splitting a flatworm in half the regeneration of the tail, and the head can be studied. The speed and morphology of the regeneration give information about the aquatic toxicity of added compounds.

On the left picture we see two healthy flatworms, a small and fully grown one. The right picture shows a flatworm with a regenerative abnormality, a double tail. Zoomed in on the left picture is a better view of the flatworms photoreceptors, or eyes, the one feature that makes them particularly loved in the lab here. We are very excited to work with these amazing animals!

Bron: HAN Centre of Expertise - BioCentre