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OPZuid grant awarded

4 oktober 2018

 MATCHUP: Medicinal Analytical process CHemistry edUcation Project

Maastricht University, Zuyd Hogeschool, HAN, Radboud University, INNOSYN, COILED Therapeutics BV

There is an obvious shortage in the labour market for specialists in medical, process and analytical chemistry and pharmacy. Moreover, SME companies have a strong need for hybrid specialists, those who have been trained in a broader case-based research. The objective of the MATCHUP project is to develop and implement an innovative training programme called "Pharmaceutical Chemistry". The consortium comprises of the HAN, Zuyd Hogeschool and the Universities of Maastricht and Radboud together with intensive participation of two SME companies (InnoSyn, COILED Therapeutics). The consortium makes maximum use of the knowledge capital in the region and has the potential to become an internationally recognized knowledge hub in pharmaceutical chemistry.

The HAN is part of this project with the aim of combining established analytical methods with an in vivobiological system as a novel approach for new pharmacological drug development. Collaboration is needed to provide access to libraries of compounds to screen for biological activity in a complete organism and thus to extend the number of output parameters that can be screened after exposure to a compound. Within the “Pharmaceutical Chemistry” framework, there is a need for pharmaceutical chemical specialists who know how the chemicals work in a biological system, which is what this project will deliver.

The C. elegans research group at HAN BioCentre offers extensive expertise and knowledge regarding nematode biology and will work to implement C. elegans in a system biology approach to drug screening. This grant will result in a strong and sustainable cooperation between industry and the academic world, particularly in terms of the use of C. elegans as a screening platform for new medicines.

Bron: HAN Centre of Expertise - BioCentre