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Han's On: International Welcome Days Nijmegen

Start your course with a rousing introduction!

Your introduction to HAN University of Applied Sciences will start in the week of 27 - 30 August 2019. It will be a week packed with information and festive activities that introduce you to your course, your fellow students, HAN University of Applied Sciences and the city of Nijmegen. You do not want to miss it!

HAN general program intro 2019

Tuesday, August 27
Tuesday intro activities will provide information and activities for international students only. Here you will meet other fellow international students who have been there, done that! You will receive all kinds of practical information to help you settle in your new life.

Wed/Thu, August 28-29á
Introduction activities which will familiarize you with various other students and student facilities. Wednesday is all about sports and on Thursday you will get to explore the beautiful city of Nijmegen during the HAN Intropoly game . We will close out these two days with a bang: the annual HAN Intro Party!

Friday, August 30
For most of you a free day during which you can choose to spend time with your mentor group, to complete you enrolment or to complete other personal activities. In the evening we will treat all international students to an old-time favourite: disco-bowling!

Further details of the introduction days will be provided to you through email or at the start of introduction week.


Please note that there are no costs involved regarding the HAN’s ON festivities, except for the additional personal food and refreshments’ expenses during the week.


International students enrolled to start in one of HAN’s English taught course programmes (exchange, bachelor, master) can complete the mandatory registration by clicking on this link!

If you are a Dutch national enrolled in the English taught programme Life Sciences or Chemistry in Nijmegen you are kindly requested to register for the introduction (in Dutch) ofáBiologie en Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoekáor Chemie,áorganized by Studievereniging 't Reactievat.


For additional information about the introduction for the English taught course programmes, email us at

Your Mentor

Throughout your introduction senior students will be assigned as group buddies. The buddies accompany new students during the introduction activities and you can go to him or her with any questions or problems you may have.á

Of course as a prospective student you also have some responsibility of your own. Know your limits! Your mentor can advise and help, but you remain solely responsible for yourself.

More information about the general conditions of HAN Intro

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