A3 Problem-Solving Thinking

During this one-day highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to more effectively practice A3 thinking through presentations, practice, and discussion.
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Do you think of an A3 as just a document or form to complete? A3 thinking is much more than that! Solving problems is not a linear process, but rather requires iterative thinking, evidence gathering, analysis, and input from stakeholders. The A3 problem-solving framework, and the thinking it represents, is foundational to the development of a culture of continuous improvement. The practice of A3 thinking develops evidence-based problem solving, fosters communication and consensus among stakeholders, and creates better alignment to strategic goals. The process of A3 thinking and coaching also serves as a method for people development, knowledge sharing and change management.

About the workshop

During this one-day highly interactive workshop, you will learn how to more effectively practice A3 thinking through presentations, practice, and discussion. In this session, you will learn both the technical skills for root-cause problem solving using the A3 framework, as well as the social skills that support the development of problem-solving thinking in yourself and others. The focus of the workshop will be on the grasping the current condition of your problematic issue, defining the actual problem, and beginning to determine the root cause(s) to your problem.

Learning objectives

During this learning experience, you will apply the thinking behind the A3 process to a process-related problem you own (at work or at school). Participants should come prepared by identifying in advance a messy problematic condition that he or she has ownership for solving. If possible, bring either bring a current A3 that you are working on or a blank piece of paper on which you have handwritten down everything that you know about a problem you are trying to solve. Do not bring “solutions”, but rather your best current understanding of the current situation.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the function and process of the A3 thinking framework for organizational problem solving.
  • Demonstrate better understanding of the thought process and connections between the sections of the A3 problem-solving framework, in particular: setting the background context, grasping the current condition, defining the actual problem, and root cause analysis.
  • Practice iterative A3 thinking on one organizational or process-related problem they own.
  • Practice asking more effective questions that support better problem-solving thinking.

Recommended advanced reading (but not required)

Managing to Learn by John Shook (We will reference the A3 problem-solving framework and learning process that Shook uses in this book during the workshop).

Over de spreker(s)

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson has 20 years of experience in supporting change and improvement in organizations across a range of industries, including healthcare, academia, research, government, start-ups, and insurance. Her primary focus has been on leading transformational change in healthcare organizations. In 2013 she started an independent consulting and coaching practice to help clients deepen their organizational and individual capabilities in problem solving, strategy, and leadership. Katie Anderson is a faculty member of Catalysis (formerly the Thedacare Center for Healthcare Value) and the Lean Enterprise Institute where she teaches workshops about coaching and problem solving. She also coaches masters students in the Fisher School of Business MBOE program and serves as a Member of the Board for the Mother’s Milk Bank and a Member of the Quality and Patient Experience Board Committee at El Camino Hospital.

Prior to starting her consulting practice, she held senior Lean leadership roles at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation and Stanford Children’s Health, was a Fulbright Scholar to Australia, and served as a consultant for PricewaterHouse Coopers Australia and a research analyst at the University of California at San Francisco and the University of Sydney.

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