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About SEECE (English)

The Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise (SEECE) is a structural partnership between the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) with energy-related partner companies and institutions.

In this network organization companies, education, research and governments are united, they are represented and work together on a reliable, affordable electricity supply for a sustainable world.


SEECE's mission is to

  • educate sufficient and qualified personnel for and collaborate with the participating parties. New employees at bachelor and master level as well as retraining and further training of existing staff. 
  • focus the applied research of HAN with and for our partners on the strategic goals around the theme 'reliability and affordability' of the energy supply during the current energy transition.
  • to see this energy supply in a global perspective, where entrepreneurship and valorisation of our knowledge are crucial for the necessary innovations.

Centres of Expertise

The centres of expertise in professional higher education have acquired a crucial role, which is reflected in the 'Vereniging Hogescholen Verenigingskader Centres of Expertise' established against which they will be monitored in the coming years.

Centres of Expertise are sustainable action-oriented partnerships in which colleges, companies, governments and other public and social organisations jointly research, innovate, experiment and invest for futureproof higher education and professional practice and to accelerate the economic and social transitions.