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With the emergence of sustainable electric energy, companies are eager to hire engineers who understand new energy technology. Sign up for a course in the energy field and get ahead with your career!



On 19 February, HAN University of Applied Sciences gave various speakers the opportunity to talk about concentrated solar energy. Visitors to the Focus on Solar Energy symposium not Lees meer...


HAN University of Applied Sciences will offer a new degree course this September: Mechanical Engineering. This track is an English-language version of the Dutch Mechanical Engineering Lees meer...


SEECE is a public-private partnership between the energy-related business world and higher education. The centre of expertise was initiated by the founding partners: DNV GL, Alliander, TenneT, Alften, the kiEMT foundation and HAN University of Applied Sciences. SEECE’s partners work together on energy-related projects with parts of SEECE such as HAN Bachelors and Masters courses (HAN Master Programmes), HAN research groups, and the Department of Courses, Post-graduate education and Tailor-made courses at the HAN Faculty of Engineering.


Climate-neutral homes

All Dutch homes must be climate-neutral from 2050 onwards. This ambition leads to an enormous task. The Netherlands has a total of 7.7 million homes, much of which are heated with natural gas. The Sustainable Electrical Energy Center of Expertise (SEECE) brings together education, research, entrepreneurs and governments to work on this issue.