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Key partners

The Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise (SEECE) has seven key partners. The key partners of the centre of expertise are: Alliander, TenneT, DNV, KEMA Labs, Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW), ElaadNL en de University of Applied Sciences Arnhem en Nijmegen. SEECE’s partners work together on energy-related projects for accelerating innovation in the energy transition and for an increasing number of highly educated energy professionals.


‘We want to share our enthusiasm about the profession and our technical challenges with students and peers. Together we come up with innovative ideas!’




‘In collaboration with SEECE, we facilitate our energy knowledge by making unique research and testing facilities available. By doing things like investing in innovative projects and supervising energy students, we are building the energy world of tomorrow.’


HAN University of Applied Sciences

‘By collaborating with the business world, the energy engineer of tomorrow is partly trained by professionals. That's important, because companies that work with technology are not yet commonplace.’



The cleantech business park Industriepark Kleefse Waard (IPKW) is a campus where education, research and entrepreneurs work closely together. IPKW is therefore happy to act as a partner of SEECE and also facilitates the collaboration between this platform, the park and the sustainable and energy-intensive companies located there.




‘TenneT wants to guarantee the security of the electricity supply in our markets and, as a leading network operator, wants to participate in the development of an integrated and sustainable electricity market in northwest Europe. To do this, TenneT is investing in the future of talented engineers. Through SEECE, TenneT wants to contribute to providing better graduates for the energy sector.’



KEMA Laboratories has been associated with Arnhem for more than ninety years. Arnhem is "the place to be" when it comes to energy. KEMA Labs is closely associated with SEECE's other key partners and wants to play an important role in the realization of the energy transition. KEMA Labs is happy to contribute to the training of talented, passionate, and well-equipped professionals together with the other partners in SEECE.



ElaadNL is the knowledge and innovation centre in the field of Smart Charging and the charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and is an initiative of the Dutch grid operators. Elaad is very much focused on renewal and innovation; we want to know the most recent news. By connecting with the (key) partners in SEECE, we are part of a large network, where we can regain knowledge. The university of applied sciences Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) is an important party for practical applications.


Top Sector Energy

SEECE works closely with the Top Sector Energy. The objectives and the approach for both the human capital and the innovation agenda are aligned with the national objectives with the Top Sector.

Marsha Wagner – program manager Human Capital Agenda at Top Sector Energy and member of the Regieraad.

"Make sure that universities of applied sciences are a good partner in the regional energy strategy. So connect the regional task with educating people, but also with practice-oriented research. Right now. So that you immediately focus the current and coming period of recovery on the new green situation we need to move towards."



Besides key partners governments are important to SEECE. We can only realize the energy transition together with municipal, regional, and national authorities. SEECE therefore works closely with governments. A collaboration that is valuable for all parties.

Marc de Kroon – policy advisor Economy Municipal Arnhem

"The HAN H2Lab is one of the successes that Arnhem has achieved in the field of hydrogen. But those successes do not come naturally. That is just hard work and sticking to it, both for entrepreneurs and for education. All appreciation for that. The municipality also has a role. We consistently try to drive the next step for initiatives and bring parties together."