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With the emergence of sustainable electrical energy, companies are eager for new energy engineering employees. Do you want to make a career in the sustainable energy industry? Find a fitting course or program on this site.

Cooperation Education with Companies

There are also possibilities for companies that want to get in touch with students and / or energy-related courses. Read more about this in the practical information or visit the site about cooperation with companies. You can read examples of semester projects of Engineering students in the booklet "Samen werken in de driehoek"

Study-Work route Status holder

Do you want to work in the energy sector and at the same time follow a higher professional education course? The UAF, HAN and SEECE offer status holders a study-work trajectory. Thanks to this program, you can work in numerous positions, such as: service engineer, technical specialist, or designer.


During the first semester, you prepare for learning and working in the energy sector four days a week.

  • Your Dutch level increases from B1 to at least B2 and you take an exam
  • You improve your English
  • You refresh your knowledge about Mathematics and Physics
  • You develop your skills, such as: collaboration, project work and your presentation techniques

You select an associate degree program in Engineering at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. For example Electrical Engineering, Embedded Systems Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. This higher professional education program lasts two years, in which you receive lessons one day a week and work three or four days.

Is the route something for you?

It is suitable for you if you:

  • Have diploma evaluation mbo-4 or completed HAVO with Mathematics and Physics (minimum requirement)
  • Have at least a minimum level of Dutch at B1
  • Have a passion for and / or work experience in Technology

Questions? More information and contact Hanni Wongsosumarto (UAF)

Involved parties

The learn-work route in the energy sector is an initiative of the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF, HAN Language Center and the Sustainable Electrical Energy Centre of Expertise (SEECE).