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HAN W@TTS: state-of-the-art material for energy education and research

On 11 December the Faculty of Engineering director Janneke Hoekstra cut a luminous cable that promptly changed color. The lights changed from red to green, symbolizing the launch of HAN W@TTS – Infrastructure for Research and Education on Power Systems.

HAN H2-Lab opened: paving the way for hydrogen projects

With the opening of the HAN H2-Lab last Wednesday, HAN got a new hybrid learning environment at Industry Park Kleefse Waard (IPKW). The hydrogen lab makes it possible to work in detail on all kinds of issues concerning hydrogen.

Ashwin Netravalkar researched concentrated solar energy at HAN

Ashwin Netravalkar wants to contribute to the energy transition. His graduation project at HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) brought him one step closer to this goal. On behalf of the Research Group for Sustainable Energy, he researched a system to extract energy from concentrated sunlight.

FIND-GO: research on smart asset management for grid operators

The Reliable Power Supply research group at HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN) is conducting research on smart asset management for high-voltage and medium-voltage grids. The researchers hope to develop a next-generation health index that can be used to make decisions based on real-time measurements and predictions.

NeFuSta: the 'fueling station' of the future

Researchers have spent the past two years developing a charging and refueling station for vehicles that is capable of supporting the power grid. A system like this can avoid the need for grid reinforcement and therefore save on costs to society in the future.

Focus on Solary Energy symposium ‘Concentrated solar energy is more than a research topic’

On 19 February, HAN University of Applied Sciences gave various speakers the opportunity to talk about concentrated solar energy. Visitors to the Focus on Solar Energy symposium not only learned about the technology. They also saw the context in which the technology is developed and applied.

HAN to launch English-language Mechanical Engineering degree

HAN University of Applied Sciences will offer a new degree course this September: Mechanical Engineering. This track is an English-language version of the Dutch Mechanical Engineering degree (Werktuigbouwkunde) with a strong focus on international trade. ‘The Netherlands does a lot of business abroad.’

Masters students investigate energy issues

Students who followed the Masters track in Sustainable Energy delivered their final presentations at HAN University of Applied Sciences on 31 January. Lecturer and researcher Rik Catau looks back on the module Sustainable Energy Systems, which ran for the first time this academic year.

Mini-seminar on emission-free driving: companies forcing the mobility market to innovate

On 14 November, dozens of mobility professionals attended the mini-seminar Emission-Free Driving at the Mobility Innovation Center in Arnhem. The key takeaway from this seminar: innovation can still be achieved despite market set-backs, whether it involves a fleet of electric buses, a hydrogen train or low-emission parcel deliveries.

Obstacles and solutions in the transition to all-electric

Aart-Jan de Graaf, Control Systems Engineering lecturer at HAN University of Applied Sciences, shares his vision on the transition to an all-electric energy supply. ‘Using less energy during certain periods may be cheaper than energy storage’