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The central question in Research and Innovation is: how does research contribute to a sustainable, affordable, and reliable system for the energy supply of the future?

Figure 1: Role of renewable energy in total energy consumption

We divide this into Research and Innovation.

  • Research: collecting (new) information to increase knowledge, in order to be able to give advice on how to solve problems.
  • Innovation: the development and introduction of new or improved products, services, and processes.

By 2020, fourteen percent of Dutch energy must be generated in a sustainable way if it is up to the Dutch government. In 2050, the energy supply must even be completely sustainable. Such targets bring questions, challenges, and opportunities. Research and innovation are therefore important themes for SEECE and the energy world of tomorrow.

This sustainability means that a lot of “fossil” energy consumption (such as fuel in vehicles and natural gas for heating) is being electrified at a rapid pace (“deep electrification”). Electricity will therefore play an increasingly important role in the total energy supply. The size of this is quantified in figure 1.