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Research Program

The approach of the research program is to use applied research to contribute (new) information and knowledge to the development and introduction of new / improved products, services, and processes for a sustainable, affordable, and reliable system for the energy supply of the future.

The research program is adapted to the needs of the partners and the Multiyear Mission-Driven Innovation Programs (MMIPs) from the Dutch Energy Agreement. SEECE connects itself with larger partners, but also with SME’s, which find it difficult to innovate without participating in consortia.

The research programming has also arisen in close collaboration with the Top Sector Energy (including through the program of “De Uitdaging”) and from the collaboration in the national lectorate platforms (including the LEVE lector platform), which means that our applied research has an ever greater social impact, both regionally and national.

Teachers and students are increasingly being linked to our practice-oriented research programs, also from subsidy schemes of the SIA Practice-oriented Research Agency.

Research program lines

Figure 2: SEECE research program lines

Five research lines have been defined from the research program:

A. Program Line Robust and Reliable Energy Supply

  1. System integration, supply, and demand management
  2. Components and grid management
  3. Digitization and automation in the energy supply

B. Program line Affordability of the energy supply

  1. Customization: contributions from innovation to a reduction in demand for more energy professionals
  2. Energy technologies accessible to everyone (non-technical aspects necessary for affordability)

For the balancing of electricity grids and for congestion management of the electricity supply, the storage of energy by converting electricity (electrons) into molecules (ions, hydrogen) is of increasing strategic importance. The national hydrogen agenda and the national battery agenda describe this strategic role and the necessary developments (mission-driven innovations). From there we formulate our SEECE strategic research and development agenda with regard to energy storage “in molecules”.