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SEECE's research program is shaped by three lectorates.

Sustainable Energy (DE), Control Systems (M&R) with special research group Reliable Power Supply (RPS).

Within the HAN focal point Sustainable Energy & Environment, the above research groups have links with other HAN lectorates. In addition, SEECE itself is also working more and more closely with professors from the social, educational, and economic / HRM domain.

Our research does not focus on the development of technologies, but on their practical application. Technological innovations must always be initiated and further developed by the business community. One of the lectorates' strengths is their knowledge of system integration and system design, and it is precisely this that can provide excellent added value.

Lectorate of Sustainable Energy

The Sustainable Energy research group develops solutions and disseminates knowledge in the field of sustainable energy and energy innovation. The activities of the research group are in line with the Sustainable Energy and Environment spearhead of the University of Applied Sciences of Arnhem and Nijmegen (HAN) and with national developments in the energy transition.

Lectorate of Control Systems

The Measurement and Control Technology lectorate conducts practice-oriented research into control and regulation strategies. The employees of the research group mainly focus on sustainable electrical energy and automotive applications.

Lectorate of Reliable Power Supply

The Reliable Power Supply research group focuses on the reliability and affordability of the electrical energy supply. An important challenge is the control of energy flows that arise from the generation of sustainable energy.

For more information, contact leading lector Aart-Jan de Graaf (Aartjan.deGraaf@han.nl)