STEP 7: While Abroad

This can happen. Then you may have to change your Learning Agreement. Any alternative selections MUST be approved by your SSCC, Assessor or Board of Examiners FIRST. Even before you or your host university make any decisions. In this case, email or phone your SSCC or examiner immediately. Changes to the initial Learning Agreement are listed on page 2 of the Learning Agreement; see Insite IO ‘Changes to the original Learning Agreement’.

Yes, please! We like to keep up to date with your progress and well-being. Even if everything is great. We want to support you during your time abroad. Contact your SAA by email at least 3 times during your stay:
• once in the first two weeks, to inform your SAA of your safe arrival and give your address;
• after two months, to let us know how you’re doing;
• and finally, after four months.
Like to stay in regular contact? We welcome it!

International Relations Business will email you with some general information 3 to 4 times during your stay abroad. They do this on behalf of your SAA.
You must be reachable in case of an emergency. We advise you to get a local SIM card. If you have a local number, you can keep in easy contact with HAN and local classmates. As well as with on-site program administrators.

Run into an urgent matter? Is it not something you can arrange with the international office of your partner university? Then please contact your SAA and SSCC as soon as possible.

Disasters and/or calamities can happen. Are you safe in a secure location? Have you informed your relatives that you’re okay? Then contact your SAA and SSCC as soon as possible. Also contact your HAN classmates at the same partner university. Let them know you’re okay and ask them if they’re okay.

HAN´s special SOS-phone number is: +31 320 33 13 43. Please also check: Insite International Office.

We advise you to stay updated on the information your partner university provides you regarding COVID-19 and the situation in the country you are staying in. In addition, read the information from HAN regarding COVID-19 thoroughly and check regularly for updates. In particular the section on 'What about going abroad ...' and 'What if I'm currently abroad...'.

Sure! You’re a kind of ambassador of HAN while you’re studying abroad. You can inform students of our partner universities. And about the possibilities of coming to Arnhem as an exchange student. Maybe the partner has an International Day, or a Study Abroad or Exchange Fair. You could even give a presentation. Like to give your newfound classmates more information about HAN? Send us an email at and we’ll forward you some promotional materials.

Does your partner university have an exam retake system? Do they allow exchange students to take these as well? If so, you may only retake the test at the partner university in person. These may NOT be done at HAN once you have returned to the Netherlands.

Let’s say you don’t obtain (an equivalent of) 30 credits. Or that you dropped or failed one or more subjects on your (changed) Learning Agreement. In those cases, you have to work off the missing credits when you return to HAN. Contact your SSCC as soon as you’re aware of this. They can discuss with you how to arrange to catch up at HAN. But don’t wait until you’re back in the Netherlands. That could have consequences.


To Do

  1. Contact the SSCC, Assessor or Board of Examiners in case I needed to change my Learning Agreement.
  2. Contact my SAA at least 3 times.
  3. Pass all my exams and obtain 30 ECTS credits. If not, contact my SSCC immediately.
Yes? You are ready for Step 8!