STEP 5: Apply as an exchange student at the partner university

Did you accept your Study Abroad place at a partner university? Congratulations – you’re in for a great adventure! You can start your application as an exchange student at the partner university. Prepare yourself for a whole lot of paper work!

Your acceptance does not guarantee an acceptance by the partner university. There may be other requirements that you have to meet!

Because of the worldwide COVID-19 situation, the requirements from HAN, the partner university or the country may change, even right before your planned departure! 

You receive an email from Team Outgoing ( from the HAN International Office. They will give you all the info about your application as an exchange student at the partner university. But first you need to be nominated.

Nomination means that HAN informs the partner university that you are selected to study with them as an exchange student. Please check the deadline in the Partner Overview Tool  for an indication of when you’ll be nominated. If you have a late deadline it might take 5 to 10 weeks before you hear from Team Outgoing.

Nomination data
We need to share some info with the partner university. That might include your name and surname, gender, home address, country of birth, place of birth, date of birth, passport or ID number, expired on, copy passport or ID, nationality, e-mail address, emergency contact (mail and phone number) – depending on the partner’s requirements.

NoteEven if you have been nominated, this doesn’t guarantee that you are accepted. The partner university may have other requirements that you have to meet.

Please do not contact the partner university before you receive a message that you have been nominated. Or a message from the partner university itself. Questions about the partner? Contact your SAA. Questions about forms or deadlines? Ask Team Outgoing.

Don't be idle!
While you are waiting, why not start on your Learning Agreement? You can also start to fill in the other documents the partner university requires (check the Partner Overview). Make good use of your time.

The Learning Agreement (LA) states the subjects you intend to take while you’re abroad. But first you start with a proposal.

Send a proposal listing the subjects you want to take to your SSCC/SSLB’er, Assessor (See Step 1.9) or the Board of Examiners (the person/body in charge of approving your subjects - see table below). To check your proposal, these people need the right information. Add details on the subjects you want to take. Hand in the proposal at least 1 month before you need to turn in the LA (HAN IO application or partner university deadline).

Once you have the approval, fill in the Learning Agreement. Sign it and get it signed by the person/body in charge (see table below). Then hand it in to HAN International Office or send it directly to the partner university. Download the Learning Agreement from Insite IO > Forms > Learning Agreement.

As this requires some thorough preparation, start early! Keep your application deadline with HAN IO in mind. You are responsible for getting your Learning Agreement signed. Not the SSCC, Assessor or Board of Examiners. You have to turn in your Agreement before the deadline.

International School of Business Communication Studies: Your SSCC approves your LA;

International Business Students: Your Assessor approves your LA.
CHECK Onderwijs Online (IB/IMBS - E-cluster menu 2.2) BEFORE you contact your Assessor.
Academie Business en Communicatie Your SSCC approves your LA
Academie Financieel Economisch Management Your SSCC advises and the Board of Examiners approves your LA (
Academie Organisatie en Ontwikkeling Your SSCC advises and the Board of Examiners approves your LA (
Academie Rechten Your SSCC advises and the Board of Examiners approves your LA (


The subjects you choose should be relevant to your study program. They MUST be approved by your SSCC, Assessor or the Board of Examiners. You can’t take subjects you took or will be taking in your study program. You are required to choose a study package that totals 30 ECTS credits. We strongly advise you to draw up an intended program of 40 to 45 ECTS credits. Then you can have direct substitutes for subjects that cannot be elected upon arrival.

Is the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) not in place? You can undertake a ‘normal’ study load. Go to the Partner Overview; select a partner university, click on 'More Information' and check the Required study load per semester and the Credit Conversion.

Questions? Your SAA can assist you with this.

The partner university might require additional forms, documents or tests. Read the info from your partner university in the Partner Overview. Check their application requirements. The partner university or a governmental institution of the country in question may add or change requirements at any time during the process of application and/or selection and/or acceptance. So keep track of these changes!

Yes! That’s always a good idea. Maybe you would even like to take another language course in the country or city you go to. The partner university you go to might even offer it to you. Ask your SAA.


Check Step 6.8 on what to do.

Questions about the subjects at the partner university? Contact your SAA. Like to know about forms or application at the partner university? Contact Team Outgoing at the HAN International Office.

To Do

  1. Receive a message about my nomination.
  2. Receive information from about how to apply at the partner university.
  3. Prepare the proposal for my Learning Agreement.
  4. Get my proposal approved by the person/body that is responsible.
  5. Prepare my Learning Agreement and get it approved.
  6. Hand in my Learning Agreement at HAN IO.
  7. Prepare other documents I need to hand in.


Yes? You are ready for Step 6!