STEP 8: Back at HAN

Welcome back to the Netherlands! Time to finalize your minor. To accomplish this you need to:
Send your final Learning Agreement to We ask the partner university to send your transcripts or grade list to International Relations Business. The host university might send it to you. In that case, please ask them to forward it to This is because we can only accept grade lists that are sent to us directly by the partner university.

The subjects on your transcript should be the same as those that appear on your Learning Agreement. But if not, you need to complete a ‘Changes to the original Learning Agreement’ form. You also need to obtain a final Learning Agreement, signed by all parties involved (i.e. yourself, your SSCC/examiner and the partner university). Send it as soon as possible to

Did you not reach (an equivalent of) 30 ECTS credits? Did you drop or fail one or more subjects on your (changed) Learning Agreement? You need to obtain the missing credits when you return to HAN. Can you return to the partner university for test retakes? Do it!
You are not allowed to (re)take exams from the partner university at HAN.

Contact your SSCC as soon as you’re aware of this. So you can make arrangements for catching up at HAN.

The Board of Examiners or “Studievoortgang” Department ensures your credits appear in Alluris. But only if you obtained 30 ECTS credits. Either abroad or abroad plus through obtaining the extra ECTS credits at home.

Your grades don’t appear in Alluris. What you do see is a “pass” for your minor. And a maximum of 30 credits. This process could take several weeks after you return. Still looking for your grades? You can see them on the grade list you received from the partner university.
A minor at HAN is max 30 ECTS credits. Extra credits don’t show up in Alluris. Again, you can see any extra credit grades on the grade list you received from the partner university.

When you return, you receive an email request for an evaluation through SAME. The online Study Abroad Monitoring and Evaluation tool. Complete this online evaluation form within 20 days of the end of your Study Abroad semester. The MoveOn database sends this email automatically. Be sure to check your spam folder!

Fill in the survey as soon as possible. Then your SAA gets in touch with you to round off your Study Abroad experience with an evaluation interview. Here you can share all information on the partner university, the subject and your experience with us!

Did you enjoy your Study Abroad? Like to share your experiences with students who are thinking about studying abroad? Write to your SAA and join us during thewebinar Introduction to Study Abroad and/or the Q&A in the Breakout rooms to promote Study Abroad.

Want to get in touch with other international students studying at HAN? With those who come from the partner university you studied at? Or from elsewhere in the world? Let us know. We can help you contact them.

You can only join the Study Abroad program once during your program at HAN. But have you thought about doing your Placement Abroad? Or your Graduation Assignment? Check the parameters of your study program and check Business Connections for your options. After your graduation you could even continue your studies or conduct research abroad. Go to Insite IO for more information.

To Do

  1. Check that my transcript was sent to by the partner university.
  2. Complete my evaluation form in SAME.
  3. Receive the conversion letter and original grade list.


You have finished your study abroad!