STEP 3: Complete your Online Application at HAN

Like to ensure your application is processed correctly? Take the following into account:

  • At the time of applying, you must have passed your first year (Propaedeutic Phase).
  • An incomplete or incorrect application will affect your chances to receive an offer to go on Study Abroad. And/or your chances to receive an offer for one of your preferred partner universities. Make sure you read the online application all the way through. And follow all the instructions.
  • Application and Deadlines

    Study Abroad in September 2023 (Semester 1 - 2023/24)
    Application: 09-16 December 2022
    Deadline: 16 December 12:00 (Midday)

    Study Abroad in February 2024 (Semester 2 - 2023/24)
    Application: 10 - 17 May 2023
    Deadline: 17 May 12:00 (Midday)
  • Preferences
    Places are limited. This is why we ask you what you prefer, if you’re not selected for one of your preferences. Indicate in the form if you prefer:
    • to receive an offer for another university; or
    • no Study Abroad place at all.

Checked everything on your checklist at step 1 and 2? You are ready to move ahead. Go to the online application form. Good luck!

Online Application Form

To Do

  1. Make sure you meet all the requirements.
  2. Meet the deadline.
  3. Fill in the online application form correctly.
  4. Click the ‘submit’ button at the end of the form.



Yes? You are ready for Step 4!