If you are starting a research project or, for example, a (graduation) assignment in which you have to deal with a lot of literature references, then a reference manager can be a great help. The HAN has purchased Endnote. This tool is now available to all HAN students and staff.

About Endnote
Endnote is a program that helps you collect, organize, cite and share references (references) to sources (such as articles and books). Its collaboration and integration with Word is very good. And because Endnote is used by many institutions - including Radboud University - it helps in collaboration with externals.



Endnote is available on all fixed computers within HAN.
Employees with a HAN laptop can download the program through the company portal (Go to 'Start' - All Apps - Company portal or Company portal).  If you do not own a HAN laptop, download the installation file on Insite (employees).  
Students can use the installation file on Insite (students). 

There is a (HAN) guide available where practical information and several videos about Endnote can be found: https://libguides.studiecentra.han.nl/endnote.
Not getting there? Then email onderzoeksondersteuning@han.nl