APA: Word 2013 and 2016

Microsoft Word 2013 offers the possibility to help you with citing sources and automatically create a bibliography in APA format. To do this you only have to type in the citation details.

Regular sources like books, articles or websites, but also references to films, reports or illustrations can be added.

Add a quote or paraphrase

- In your Word document click on the References tab
- Click on the arrow next to Style and select APA (this is probably already selected)
- Click Insert Citation and then Add New Source
- Fill in the citation details (check the example at the bottom of the screen) and click OK
- Your reference will now appear in your text

Create a bibliography

- In your Word document click on the References tab
- Click on Bibliography en then click Insert Bibliography
- Only the sources that you added by using the Manage Sources button are included in your bibliography.

For more information, click the Microsoft Office Help button (the question mark in the upper right of your document) and type in APA in the search box. To see some examples, you can take a look at the pdf file (7 pages) at the bottom of this page. 

Pay attention to the following: the references Word uses are not always done strictly according to the APA guidelines as stated on this website. 

Make sure you enter your citation details correctly, because mistakes are not automatically corrected by Word.

Last update: February 28, 2020