Documenting sources

When writing their bachelor thesis or other papers, students will use copyrighted publications like books, journals and internet sources. It is legitimate to cite from these publications, but not without crediting the source. Within the HAN the most accepted way of referring to sources is the APA format.

Graduation assignments can be included in the HBO Knowledge Base after being assessed by the course lecturer. The HBO Knowledge Base is a free database where you can find a collection of the best publications of every University in the Netherlands. Because the student is the holder of the copyright, he or she needs to fill out an agreement form, fully signed by student, employer or institution offering the internship, and hand it in at one of the Study Centre's locations. For more information, check the Publish page.


Many students illustrate their paper with images retrieved from an internet source. Next to the fact that it is obligatory to credit these images, it is also advisable to check whether the student may re-use them. This is especially important if the thesis is added to the HBO Knowledge Base, making it publicly accessible worldwide. Especially commercial photography agencies may stipulate (financial) conditions.

Images may only be used when they are supporting the main text. It is obligatory to refer to images within the text, unless the author has given his or her permission, or if the image is your own work.