Every year hundreds of theses are produced by HAN students. Up until recently, they were only available in print within the HAN Study Centres.

But this has changed since the HAN joined the HBO Knowledge Base, which is a national database of theses written by students from Dutch universities of applied sciences. Students may now offer their thesis, or other important material, in a digital format to the HAN Study Centres. The Study Centre will make sure that the thesis is added to the HBO Knowledge Base, making it freely available worldwide.

The conditions and procedure are available in the course statute. A short summary:

  • Course lecturers decide whether the thesis is considered suitable for adding to the HBO Kennisbank.
  • If the course lecturers agree to add the thesis to the HBO Knowledge Base, the student hands in his or her thesis in a digital format (.doc, .pdf, etc.) via
  • The student fills out the agreement form below, fully signed by student, employer or institution offering the internship, and hands it in at one of the locations of the Study Centres.