What is Refworks?

RefWorks is a web-based program in which you can easily gather, manage and share your references and bibliographies.

With RefWorks you can:

  • add relevant data to your own online database from online catalogues, databases, search engines and websites (e.g. HAN catalogue, Picarta, Google Scholar, Web of Science, ScienceDirect or Springerlink).
  • manage these references; add your own search terms, find duplicates, index, search and browse your references.
  • share references with others; teachers are able to share a bibliography with students and groups of researchers, or students can work together by using shared folders or shared accounts.
  • cite literature in a Word document and automatically create a bibliography in the style you prefer (e.g. APA).

For more information see Refworks’s Factsheet.

Create a RefWorks account

Since 1 February 2012, every student and employee of the HAN can easily gain access to their personal RefWorks account. Click on the link below and log in with your HAN account.

It is also possible to create other accounts. When you are inside one of the HAN buildings, visit this website:

Click on ‘Sign up for a New Account’ (see picture)
Fill in the form and click on 'Create Account'
After some time you will receive an email from RefWorks with your login details. 

Access to your Refworks account

If you have not worked with RefWorks before:

Go to
Log in with your HAN account

If you have a RefWorks account from before February 2012 and would like to use RefWorks in one of the HAN buildings:

Go to
Log in with your account details

If you have a RefWorks account from before February 2012 and would like to use RefWorks elsewhere:

Go to
Fill in the group code: RWHVANijmegen (see picture)
Log in with your account details

Working with RefWorks

Most users find RefWorks easy to work with. However, if you need help, please check out the options below:

  • RefWorks offers online tutorials for beginners:
  • You can also contact the Digital Studycentre,