What, why and how?

Todays information supply is immeasurably large and challenges you to filter reliable and relevant.

Information literacy is, besides being part of research skills, an important part of the 21st century skills. Cross- disciplinary skills you need in the learning process to become a reliable professional.

How do you become information literate?

The information specialists at the study centre will help you.

The basis of our teaching programme is a step-by-step plan. This step-by-step plan is based on the Big-6 model and the ACRL framework. The steps are elaborated in the LibGuide Information Literacy.

When you have gone through all the steps, you will be able to find relevant information for your assignment or research faster. You are also able to critically evaluate the found information.

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The information landscape is dynamic and requires continuous adjustment of the theoretical basics. Frameworks offer education diversity and choice. At the moment, we use the ACRL framework in the information literacy programme. In the future, the choice for a framework will be made per academy. Want to read more about frameworks? Click here.